I'm the octopus
I was born in Eskilstuna, Sweden in 1972 and moved to smalltown Edsbyn when I was 4. I got my first drumkit, a golden sparkle-colored Maxwin kit, when I was around 13. Played on that while saving up money to get a cymbal and a hi-hat which I got a year later. So it was not until then I got to try and play beats. I went through my mom and dads recordcollection at an early age and found Elvis who became my first hero.

I got into buying records really early too and by the time I started school I had 5 or 6 Elvis records, a couple of Beatles and one record each by Swedish ?0s groups Hep Stars & Spotnicks. My aunt worked at EMI and I got records from her, to begin with The Beatles, then Iron Maiden, Kiss and Saxon. When I was 16 I moved again, this time to Östersund in northern Sweden where I started playing in bands (in Edsbyn there was two bands and they both had drummers).

Within a few years I went through a whole bunch of bands and played everything from rock and punk to death metal and through a friend of mine from Edsbyn (Orvar Säfström, now a film critic on TV in Sweden) I got to know Nicke who was then playing drums in Entombed. I moved to Stockholm in 1993 and started touring with them as a drumroadie/driver. At the same time I played with a few different bands in Stockholm: God Kills (pretty bad hardrock), Sexsationals (punk) that after a few line-up changes turned into The Killbillies. In November 1994 I met Nicke on the subway in Stockholm where he said he was gonna form a band with Dregen from Backyard Babies on guitar and his childhood friend Kenny on bass (“though he doesn´t know it yet? and himself on guitar and vocals.

So there and then I got to be the drummer and from what I remember we started rehearsing the next week. I also started to play with The Sewergrooves in 1995 and played with both bands (actually three for a while cos Killbillies didn´t break up until 1996) until I had to quit The Sewergrooves in the year of 2000, because The Hellacopters took up so much time.

In 2003, when we decided to take a year off I got asked to play drums in a backing band at the Nomads tribute party that Wild Kingdom Records arranged. It was me, cheap Miami Dolphins JerseysChips K. from Sator (also our producer for the last three records), Markus (ex-Turpentines) from The Republikans and Heikki from Swedish punklegend Thåströms band. It was really fun and it turned into the monthly Wild Kingdom club (hosted by Nicke Andersson, Calle Schewen and art guy Henke Walse) where we became The Wild Kings, the “house band?

Different singers and songs each time but only covers of obscure punk and power-pop bands from the ?0s/early ?0s. In the fall of 2004 I was part of a one-day-project that we called Urrke T & The Midlife Crisis. The band was/is Urrke from Maryslim on vocals and bass, Dregen on guitar, Måns P Månsson from the Maggots on guitar and mebehind the drums. We rehearsed and recorded 3 punkcovers and put it out as a 7?single a couple of weeks later. Since 2002 I live with my girlfriend Cajsa and our beautiful son Jack, born Dec 18 2004.

Robert Eriksson, April 27, 2005
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