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1. Times Are low

RD-07001 1st, 98
RD-07001 2nd
RD-07001 3rd
RD-07001 4th
RD-07001 5th

Format: 7"
Info: 1st vinyl 2000 black, black cover, silver label. 2nd vinyl 500 trans, blue cover, red label. 3rd vinyl 500 black, blue cover, red label. 4th vinyl 500 black, red cover, yellow label. 5th vinyl 500 yellow, red cover, yellow label.
Recording: Recorded at Edvin Medvind Studio, Solna, Sweden by Zqaty & Andrew Shit in October 1997.
Producer: Tomas Skogsberg and Boba Fett.
Notes: A split 7" with The Nitwitz.