Quadracopters / Hellajets
Estrus Records

1. Quadracopters - "Think It Over" (originally by B.B. King)

2. Hellajets - "I Wasn't Born In A Hallway"

ES7144, Oct 99

Format: 7"
Info: Split 7" with Hellacopters & The Quadrajets. ? yellow vinyl, ? black vinyl.
Recording: Recorded May 1999 at Sarcophagus Studios, Auburn, Alabama.
Notes: Band is on 1st song: All 5 Quadrajets plus Nick Royale on guitar and vocals and Robert "Strings" Dahlqvist on guitar. Band is on 2nd song: All 5 Hellacopters plus The Fang, The Cheetah and Mr. Hardwick from The Quadrajets on guitar and vocals.