I'm the octopus
Ice drums (2009-03-25)
Last November, a few weeks after our last shows, I smashed the first ever drumkit made of ice. Have fun watching...





GRAMMIS AWARDS and other nominations (2008-12-04)
The year 2008 comes to an end and we have been nominated in the following places, vote for us if you wanna!

Swedish Radio P3 GULDMICKEN (Best live act) http://www.sr.se/cgi-bin/p3/p3guld/

Swedish 2009 GRAMMIS AWARDS, 2 categories:

Årets grupp (Best Group) http://vote.grammis.se/kategorier/arets-grupp.aspx
Årets Live akt (Best Live Act) http://vote.grammis.se/kategorier/arets-liveakt.aspx

Also, at BANDIT radio station we've been nominated in three different categories:

Årets svenska grupp (Best Swedish Group)
Årets svenska Album (Best Swedish Album)
Årets svenska live akt (Best Swedish Live Act)


Thank YOU.

Thank You & Good Night (2008-11-04)
It's been a week since our last shows at Debaser, Stockholm and we'd like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you who came out and made it such a memorable last weekend. We had no way of knowing what it would be like to end it like this but it really feels like we did the right thing. The same goes for all of you who rocked out with us on the last tour. We're more than grateful for all the support you've been showing us throughout the years. We couldn't have done it without you so again, THANK YOU! It means everything to us.

We'd also like to say thanks to our fellow bands that made this last tour so great: Bloodlights, Boozed, "Demons" and The Datsuns. If you missed out on any of these guys (god forbid) then DO check 'em out.

BUT you're not gonna be rid of us just yet. We still have stuff to do. A live album from the last tour is in the works and there's people working on some sort of a movie. As of now we have no idea of what the movie will be like, but it will include a live show from one of the last concerts. The web store will continue it's service for all of you who want to dress up good.

You'll be hearing from us soon.


The Hellacopters

Electrocuted (2008-10-26)
Two out of the four farewell shows have been played at Debaser so far and tonight, something happened with the electricity on stage. Nobody yet knows what, except that during our encores a beer got thrown at the lightningdesk which collapsed the lighting system. Soon after that the fire alarm went off and an emergency generator carried on with the stage power. For some unknown reason Kenny bassamp died and one minute later all monitors onstage started to feedback LOUD and Nick got electrocuted from his mic. He's ok now though. We are of course VERY sorry and angry about this thing that meant that you, the audience missed the last part of the show (though we had only around 3-4 minutes left) but there was absolutely no other option than to walk off stage for us. We'll give you more info about this as soon as we find out what actually caused the accident.

Sincerely, The Hellacopters

DARLING DARLING Video (2008-08-20)
Amir Chamdin did it again

The Hellacopters - Darling Darling


So here it is, the complete final tour called "The Tour Before The Fall".

08-09-15 Hamburg (D) Markthalle
08-09-16 Wiesbaden (D) Schachthof
08-09-17 Clermont Ferrand (F) La Coopertive De Mai
08-09-18 Barcelona (ESP) Razzmatazz 2
08-09-19 Bilbao (ESP) Rockstar
08-09-20 A Coruña (ESP) Palacio Congresos
08-09-21 Madrid (ESP) Heineken
08-09-23 Zürich (CH) Mascotte
08-09-24 München (D) Backstage Werk
08-09-25 Berlin (D) SO36
08-09-26 Gent (B) Vooruit
08-09-27 Köln (D) E-Werk *NEW VENUE*
08-09-28 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli
08-09-29 London (UK) LA2
08-09-30 Zwolle (NL) Hedon
08-10-01 Copenhagen (DK) Amager Bio

08-10-08 Helsinki (SF) Nosturi
08-10-09 Tampere (SF) Tullkammaren
08-10-10 Turku (SF) Caribia
08-10-11 Helsinki (SF) Nosturi (Sold Out)
08-10-12 Umeå, Folkets Hus
08-10-14 Lund, Mejeriet
08-10-15 Göteborg, Trädgårn
08-10-16 Oslo (N) Rockefeller
08-10-17 Karlstad, Nöjesfabriken
08-10-18 Borlänge, Cozmoz
08-10-21 Linköping, Platens Bar
08-10-22 Halmstad, B&B
08-10-23 Huskvarna, Folkets Park
08-10-25 Debaser Medis, Stockholm 13.00 Sold Out
08-10-25 Debaser Medis, Stockholm 21.00 Age Limit 20yr (Sold Out)
08-20-26 Debaser Medis, Stockholm 15.00 Age Limit 13yr
08-10-26 Debaser Medis, Stockholm 21.00 Age Limit 18yr (Sold Out)

DARLING DARLING (2008-08-20)
New single "Darling Darling" will be released September 5th with exclusive B-side "Baby Come". Will be released as Cd-Single and 7" vinyl.

Preorder the 7" vinyl:

Preorder the Cd-Single:


Festivals (2008-07-10)
So they are now history. The festivals. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came and participated, and a special thanks of course to Dregen who joined us on a few of them. It sure was a helluva good time! See you in September. - The Hellacopters

Bootleg Booze competition (2008-06-02)
Our friends at Bootleg Booze have a competition up and running and the first prize is an extremely rare Hellacopters 7". Check it out at:


Farewell Tour in September (2008-07-25)
The Farewell Tour in Europe is now confirmed to September. Scandinavian dates in October will be added soon.

08-09-15 Hamburg (D) Markthalle
08-09-16 Wiesbaden (D) Schachthof
08-09-17 Clermont Ferrand (F) La Coopertive De Mai
08-09-18 Barcelona (ESP) Razzmatazz 2
08-09-19 Bilbao (ESP) Rockstar
08-09-20 A Coruña (ESP) Palacio Congresos
08-09-21 Madrid (ESP) Heineken
08-09-23 Zürich (CH) Mascotte
08-09-24 München (D) Backstage Werk
08-09-25 Berlin (D) SO36
08-09-26 Gent (B) Vooruit
08-09-27 Köln (D) Live Music hall
08-09-28 Utrecht (NL) Tivoli
08-09-29 London (UK) LA2
08-09-30 Zwolle (NL) Hedon
08-10-01 Copenhagen (DK) Amager Bio

Documentary (2008-05-08)
The Hellacopters are working on a retrospective documentary film. We are looking for cool videos and pictures to include in our next Hellacopters DVD. If you have any rare films, video clips or anything else you think should be included, please email details to: fredrik@moondog.se

Russia! (2008-05-07)
Russian releasedate of Head Off is 20th of May. It´s going to be released in Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan & Ukrania.

Kiruna & Sundsvall (2008-05-01)
Two more festivals added: Kiruna way up north in Sweden on June 28 & Sundsvall not quite so far up on July 5. See you there!


HEAD OFF (2008-04-21)
If you haven't noticed yet, our new album Head Off is comprised of songs we didn't write ourselves. But before you scream "oh no, a cover album!", let's just clear a few things up.

The idea for this record dates back about two years. We thought it'd be great to record an album of more or less contemporary songs that are too good to be left unheard. We know that the state of rock 'n' roll have seen better days but the fact is that there are shitloads of great bands with equally great songs out there. Guess you just have to dig a little. Songs that could and SHOULD be on the charts all over the world. But as you all know, the world is far from a perfect place. We're not saying that by recording these songs we'll put them on any charts or anything but maybe, just maybe, a few more people will get to know these gems and their origins.

Anyway, we selected about 50 tunes that we think kick ass and eventually and carefully narrowed 'em down to about 20. We wound up chosing the songs that sounded like they were written for us – by us even – and ended up with an album that's one hundred percent The Hellacopters. In other words, it's not a case of "hey, we don't have any songs - let's just record a bunch of covers and get it over with".

The decision to break up the band was obviously made after we recorded and mixed the album. That decision has nothing to do with the "concept" of Head Off. It just happened to be our last studio album and we hope you'll like it.

Why the secrecy? Well, by not announcing that we're releasing a "cover album", rather than just a new album – which is how we see it – we're trying to avoid any preconceived ideas people might get about it. We basically want people to listen to the album for what it really is: our new album. Period.

If you DO like it you might wanna check out the originals so here's a list, song by song:

ELECTROCUTE – originally performed by "Demons"

A great punk rock band from Stockholm that's been around forever. Our version of the song differs quite a bit from theirs. Mainly because we put a slight Status Quo touch to it. Off the single by the same name. It's also available on the "Demonology" compilation on Gearhead Records. They have a new album coming out soon.

MIDNIGHT ANGELS – originally performed by The Peepshows

From Örebro, Sweden, this band put out some rocking albums on Burning Heart Records before calling it quits some time ago. This song is off their last full length "Refuge For Degenerates", which is also their best. When I first heard it I was blown away – it felt as if I forgot to write the song myself. (Nicke)

(I'M) WATCHING YOU – originally performed by The Humpers

Punk rock band from Los Angeles who started off as Suicide Kings but changed the name to The Humpers in the early ’90s. (I’m) Watching You is taken from the album ”Journey To The Centre Of Your Wallet” on Sympathy For The Record Industry (1994). This tune was on all of our mix tapes around '95/'96 and served as a big inspiration for writing (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!

NO SALVATION – originally performed by The Turpentines

The Turpentines were our labelmates back when we were on White Jazz Records. No Salvation was released as a single off their record ”American Music For American People” (1998). They also released the album "By Popular Demand" before disbanding in 1993. The Turpentines were something else! When these guys were good (which was most of the time), they were really freaking good.

IN THE SIGN OF THE OCTOPUS – originally performed by The Robots

Together with bands like The Turpentines, Kids Are Sick and "Demons", The Robots were one of Stockholms' younger bands kicking around as The Hellacopters got started. All these bands did shows together & provided a sense of inspiration & healthy competition in those early days. The song is to be found on their excellent 2004 album "The Robots Are Everywhere" (Idle Hands Records).

VERONICA LAKE – originally performed by New Bomb Turks

Awesome band from Columbus, Ohio. Their debut LP "Destroy-Oh-Boy!" from '92, is probably the biggest source of inspiration for getting The Hellacopters started. Veronica Lake can be found on their ”At Rope’s End” album, released by Epitaph in 1998.

ANOTHER TURN – originally performed by The Maharajas

Another great band from Örebro, Sweden, The Maharajas was formed by ex-members of The Strollers & The Maggots. Another Turn is taken from their album ”Unrelated Statements” (Low Impact Records 2004).

I JUST DON'T KNOW ABOUT GIRLS – originally performed by Asteroid B-612

I guess we always felt some kind of connection to a lot of Australian bands. It seemed like we shared a similar approach to rock 'n' roll. It was real inspiring to know that bands on the other side of the world were doing pretty much the same thing as we did. Asteroid B-612 was a great band and we had the opportunity to play with them a few times. Johnny Casino have a solo thing going on now – check that out too.

RESCUE – originally performed by Dead Moon

I should hope that these iconoclastic road rats out of Oregon need no further introduction. They were around for ages, touring, recording & setting an example to others before the split-up in '06. They were one of the most important bands in contemporary music. You can find Rescue on the album "Destination X" or their best of compilation "Echoes Of The Past". Founding members Fred & Toody have a new band called Pierced Arrows and drummer Andrew also has a new band, The Shiny Things.

THROTTLE BOTTOM – originally performed by Gaza Strippers

Gaza Strippers were a kick ass Chicago band formed by Rick Sims who used to front The Didjits. This song is off their Man's Ruin debut "Laced Candy". They were truly unique live. There's rumours going around that Rick has a new band called San Francisco Sperm Trolley.

MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME – originally performed by The BellRays

The BellRays are really a one of a kind type band. At times they almost sound as if Millie Jackson was fronting Black Flag. This song is off their 2003 album "The Red, White & Black" and it's one of their more classic Southern Soul sounding songs. If they play anywhere near you, you really ought to go see 'em. They recently put out a new album.

DARLING DARLING – originally performed by The Royal Cream

The core of The Royal Cream is The Sewergrooves' Kurt & Mattias Värmby (of F.O.F. & Dom Där & Hux Flux fame). The tune has been released in two versions, as a 7” single (2000) and as a different album version on "Death Is Not A Destination – It's A State Of Mind" (Big Bongo Records 2005). I've stood in on bass on occasion with these guys and consider them to be one of the top acts around town. (Kenny)

STRAIGHT UNTIL MORNING – originally performed by Powder Monkeys

From Melbourne, Australia comes one of the hardest rocking outfits ever. Straight Until Morning was released on a five track EP in 1995 and was also on their album ”Time Wounds All Heels” (Dog Meat) from the same year. A very hard song to do justice to, but at least we tried.

ACID REIGN – originally performed by The Yes-Men

Another great Australian band. We intended to include our version of this song on the album but we just couldn't match the intensity of the original, so it ended up as a flipside for the single release of In The Sign Of The Octopus.

Norway! (2008-02-06)
Another festival is confirmed, Hovefestivalen in Norway on June 24, check out www.hovefestivalen.no for more info.

Peace & Love (2008-01-29)
Another festival has been confirmed, Peace & Love in Borlänge. Check out www.peaceandlove.se for more details.

Where The Action Is 2008 (2008-01-22)
We will play on Where The Action Is 2008 which are being held in Stockholm on June 14. Other bands on the bill so far is Foo Fighters, The Hives, Sahara Hotnights & Mando Diao. More info to follow!


Head Off (2008-01-24)
Psychout Records will release our new and final album "Head Off" on April 18th. The first single will be out on March 20th.

The record will be released under exclusive license to Wild Kingdom in Europe (except in Finland/Baltic States and Russia: Backstage Alliance), Toy’s Factory in Japan & Shock in Australia. More info to follow of course!

Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park 2008 (2007-12-07)
Our first dates for the summer festivals of 2008 has been booked. We will play both Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park festivals in Germany on June 6-8. Check here for more details:


The Store (2007-11-07)
Some good news: Our new store is up. Better than ever before and we are clearing out all old stuff we've found like hard-to-get vinyls and odd t-shirts etc. Most of these are never going to be available again so don't miss this opportunity! Just click THE STORE. And yes, we will have new merchandise when the new record comes out. Thanks!

The End (2007-10-13)
After nearly thirteen years as The Hellacopters we're now sad to tell you that we are breaking up. The reasons behind this very difficult decision are many and too personal to go into here.

Playing in a rock and roll band isn't always a walk in the park, but thanks to all of you who rocked out with us at sweaty clubs, rainy festivals or at home by the stereo throughout the years, it's been a fantastic trip. We'll never forget your support.

We recently finished mixing our seventh and last studio album and it'll be released early next year according to initial plans. We feel like we wanna say one last Goodbye to you and throw in the towel with a bang, so we're aiming to do a farewell tour through Europe and Scandinavia sometime in the spring. So you're not getting rid of us just yet.


The Hellacopters

Same Lame Download (2007-09-05)
Here's where to download The Same Lame Story, search for The Hellacopters...:


The Store (2007-08-31)
The Store will be closed down for a while. We are working on it so please be patient, it will be up again as soon as possible.

Mixing the new record (2007-09-10)
Thank you everybody who came to the Way Out West-gig, it was great fun despite the occasional rain...

Today we start the final mixes of our new, as yet untitled, record.
Should be done within a couple of weeks. No release date is set yet but we'll post it as soon as we know.

The Same Lame Story - Vinyl (2007-07-24)
The vinylversion of our new single "The Same Lame Story" will be released on Aug 10 by Bootleg Booze Records. You will be able to get it here at The Store shortly after. The exclusive b-side is "It's All Moving Faster" originally by Electric Frankenstein.

Pressing: 1000 transparent red with black splatter
- 200 copies comes in a screenprinted cardboard box with an exclusive sticker only available to Bootleg Booze vinylclub members.


Kiss did it and so did Ted Nugent and The Stones. Now why would we be any worse? So here it is:
The Hellacopters "Air Raid Serenades" Kustom Pinball Machine! Created by Wade Krause (machine design and printing) and Dirty Donny (art) this is truly a masterpiece. Check it out!

Here's what Michael Schiess at Lucky Ju Ju wrote:

For those of you who do not understand what this show is about, Artist Dirty Donny has teamed up with Pinball Artisan Wade Krause to take a vintage pinball machine, reproduce a new playfield with their own
modifications and artwork, screen the back glass with custom artwork, repaint the cabinet and head and playfield to create a one of a kind, interactive kinetic art piece. A labor of love that has been months in
the making. On top of all that, Wade has added his own extra play features improving on the games original play and increasing the complexity of the strategy.
It is a big plus for Hellacopter fans everywhere who now have a pinball machine to grace their collection of tributes. This is a first of what I hope is to be a trend in the pinball art community. Re-themed Machines. I am thrilled to have Donny and Wade's creation debut at the Ju Ju and would like to see many more in the future. A brave new step indeed! Thank you gentlemen!!!
Michael Schiess/Lucky Ju Ju 2007


Some Real Music - updated! (2007-07-04)
SOME REAL MUSIC in a 2-show special Wednesday nights June 20 & 27, at
midnight NYC time, on Time Warner cable channel 57, RCN cable channel
84 and worldwide on the web at MNN.org (select channel 57 -- NOTE: you
must log on at broadcast time, therefore in Europe, 6:00 am Thursday --
perfect for all-night party people!). Each show will feature exclusive
live footage from The Hellacopters' March 2006 show at New York's
Bowery Ballroom and Radio Birdman's Irving Plaza concert last summer.
Also Scott Morgan's collaborations with Nicke Andersson and Deniz Tek
will be discussed, as well as an overview of Scott Morgan's discography
(starting with The Rationals), and recordings by The Hellacopters,
Radio Birdman and some of the side projects of each band's members.
Each show will run one hour -- it'll be a 2-HOUR HELLACOPTERS/RADIO

Part 2 of the Hellacopters/Radio Birdman/Scott Morgan special has been rescheduled for Wednesday night July 18 @ midnight (NYC time).

Pre-order the new single! (2007-05-21)
The releasedate of our new single is June 26. Since people has been wondering how to get ahold of it outside Scandinavia, Denimzine has kindly taken care of it. Here's how to do it:



NEW SINGLE (2007-05-10)
Alright, we got a new single on the way called "The Same Lame Story". It will be available in June on CD exclusively with the next issue (#14) of Swedens best R'n'R rag Denim Zine. Check out www.denimzine.com for details on when and how to order. Bootleg Booze Records will release it on a vinyl 7" sometime in July if all goes well. www.bootlegbooze.com
More info soon.


The Hellacopters

Way Out West (2007-03-28)
We're still working on our new, as yet untitled, album which according to our plans will be finished before summer. It is once again being produced by Chips K and mixing will be done by Henryk Lipp in early May. We're hoping to release it sometime in the fall. We'll keep you posted.

We will also play the festival Way Out West in Gothenburg on August 10-11 as the only Swedish date this summer.


New merch finally! (2007-03-27)
Due to public demand we have reprinted a few of our older designs. T-shirts, hoods, hats, girlie-shirts, kids-shirts and other paraphernalia will be available from now on at THE STORE.

NEW ALBUM (2006-12-09)

We know it's been a little quiet here at Camp 'Copter for a while but we have our reasons. Nicke's been busy with Death Breath and Robert's finishing up the new Thunder Express album among other things.
However, a new Hellacopter recording is planned for late January. Our 7th full length album no less.
A release date is far from set but we'll give you the lowdown as soon as we know.

The Hellacopters

On T.V. (2006-09-19)
The Hellacopters and New York City bluesman SaRon Crenshaw will be
featured on the debut program of the new series SOME REAL MUSIC on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network), on Time Warner cable channel 56, RCN cable channel 84 and on the internet at www.mnn.org (select channel 56), this Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 4:30 pm (New York time).

There will be live footage of The Hellacopters from their Bowery
Ballroom (NYC) show of March 10, 2006, as well as interview segments
with Nicke Andersson and Robert Eriksson. Also a quick look at Nicke
Andersson's collaborations with Scott Morgan (The Hydromatics and The
Solution) is featured.

Latest News! (2006-08-31)
Air Raid Serenades is now out on Universal and tonight, Aug 31st, there's an almost hour long interview with Kenny & Robert about it, and other things in general, on Swedish Radio P3 at 23.07. Here's the link:


It's in Swedish just so you know...

The vinylversion of "Air Raid Serenades" is going to be released as a gatefold double-LP on Wild Kingdom Records shortly.

There's also pictures from this year's Where The Action Is tour and a new category coming up called Tattoos so all of you who has a Hellacopters tattoo, or know someone who has, send a picture of it to the webmaster and we'll make sure it gets shown there!

Air Raid Release (2006-07-31)
The official releasedate for Air Raid Serenades is August 21. BUT! We already have them for sale on the Where The Action Is shows. So all of you who are planning on coming, be sure to get yourself a copy just to have it first!

Luleå & Helsinki (2006-07-31)
Two more shows added this summer. For the first time ever we are going to play in Luleå, Sweden on August 4th and we're very much looking forward to it! For more information: www.kalaset.se.

Secondly, we're also going to Helsinki, Finland again to play on Tavastia on Sept 3 together with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives & The Flaming Sideburns. Should be a pretty good night...More info here: www.koff.net/soundslikekoff

Picture Disc (2006-06-15)
Now we have the US picture disc for Rock & Roll Is Dead in stock here at The Store. It's limited to 1000 copies and we only have a few of them so there's a limit of 2 copies/order.

Show added (2006-06-13)
We've added a clubshow at Rockefeller, Oslo on August 6. It is our only clubshow this summer so don´t miss it!


It comes a time when a band decides to release a ”Greatest Hits”. Why? To mark the end of an era? To keep the record company happy? Or just for hell of it? In our case a little bit of it all. Since we never had a hit let’s just call it a “Best of” of sorts. Anyway, after twelve years together as a band, it’s time to do it.

The 22-song collection, all of which most of you have heard before, is called “Air Raid Serenades”. These days most Greatest Hits or Best of’s have one or two new songs on them so that the die hard fans have to buy them only because of that. This one is mainly released for the people that have none or only a few of our records, i.e. it’s meant to be sort of an introduction to The Hellacopters. So, no new songs since we feel it’d be too much of a rip-off.

Choosing the songs wasn’t easy and we’re sure there’s a whole lot of you out there who could’ve done better but this is what we came up with. Feel free to complain but you might wanna save your strength ‘cause the tracklist stays. The amazing artwork is done by Dirty Donny (www.dirtydonny.com) and the tracklist is:

1. (Gotta Get Some Action) Now!
2. Ferrytale
3. Born Broke
4. Soulseller
5. You Are Nothing
6. Like No Other Man
7. Long Gone Losers
8. Move Right Out Of Here
9. The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord
10. Venus In Force
11. Down Right Blue
12. Crimson Ballroom
13. Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial
14. Toys And Flavors
15. No Song Unheard
16. By The Grace Of God
17. Carry Me Home
18. It’s Good But It Just Ain’t Right
19. Turn The Wrong Key
20. Everything’s On T.V.
21. I’m In The Band
22. Bring It On Home

A release date is yet to be set but somewhere around mid August is our
guess. We’ll let you know as soon as we know. A video for the song Bring
It On Home has been directed by Amir Chamdin (who also did the videos
for Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial, No Song Unheard, By The Grace Of
God & Everything’s On T.V.) and you’ll be able to check it out on this here
page soon.

/The Hellacopters

WHERE THE ACTION IS (2006-04-26)
This year in July/August we will, together with BACKYARD BABIES & MILLENCOLIN, play on the package tour known as WHERE THE ACTION IS. THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES & THE HIVES will also play on selected dates. The tourdates are as follows:

July 27 Strömstad, Gästhamnen (+ The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
July 28 Huskvarna, Folkets Park (+ The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
July 29 Linköping, Folkets Park (+ The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
July 30 Örebro, Brunnsparken (+ The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
August 3 Malmö, Folkets Park (+ The Soundtrack Of Our Lives)
August 5 Göteborg, EM-festen (+ C.AARMÈ m.m.)
August 8 Söderbärke, Folkets Park (+ The Hives)
August 9 Stockholm, Skansen (+ The Hives)

If you miss this once in a lifetime rock extravaganza you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!

For more information about where to get tickets etc: www.wheretheactionis.se

Picture Disc (2006-04-22)
Rock & Roll Is Dead is coming out on vinyl in America for the first time. The label to release it is called Sacred Heart Recordings. Relased on May 16, it´s a picture disc with two bonus tracks: It Might Mean Something To You and Positively So Naive. 1000 copies only, the first 200 have a different picture on the A-side plus a sticker. So grab it while you still can!


New Photos (2006-04-09)
Some new livephotos from the States can be seen at The Pics/Live. Also, very soon, new personal tour pictures will be put up at the same place under The Pics/Misc.

Live on the radio...again! (2006-03-25)
Right now we're on tour in America so sorry for being slow on updates but it'll be better once we're home again. Anyway thanks to all people who showed up at the concerts and to all people who lended us gear so that we could actually play! Here's what happened: Our equipment got delayed on the flight over from Sweden so the first four shows had to be made with borrowed gear. Right now we only have two shows to go then back home again. Read more about the tour in our personal pages ("The Group") later.

If you live in Stockholm or nearby, tune in to P5 this Sunday, March 26 at 16:03, cause they will broadcast the gig from Where The Action Is in Stockholm that took place on Aug 27 2005.

Later!/Robert E.

US TOUR! (2006-02-01)
So finally we´re coming over to the States in March for a three-week long tour! This will be our 6th US tour since 1998 and the first one in almost four years. Hope to see you all there! Check out the dates at THE SHOWS.

On T.V. and radio (2006-01-19)
The Hellacopters on TV and radio. Tomorrow, Jan 19, the liveshow from Cirkus, Stockholm is broadcast on Swedish radio P3 at 21.03. For details: www.sr.se/p3/live/

In February, Swedish television is airing a 30 minute liveshow recorded in Helsingborg last October. Here´s the schedule:

SVT2 Fredag 10 februari kl 21.30
SVT2 Lördag 11 februari kl 00.00
SVT2 Onsdag 15 februari kl 23.00

New T-shirts (2005-12-21)
Finally a couple of new shirts are up! Check them out at The Store.

Swedish Grammy Nomination (2005-12-18)
In Sweden, The Hellacopters have now also been Grammy nominated for "Best Rock Group of the Year". This one is decided by a jury which means YOU can´t vote and the other nominees in the same category are The Ark, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Kent & The Cardigans. The Grammy Awards will take place in Stockholm on 2006-02-07.

"P3 Guld" award. (2005-12-09)
"Rock & Roll Is Dead." has been nominated in the category "Rock album of the year" for "P3 Guld", a yearly award from Swedish National Radio. The Hellacopters is also nominated in the category “Live act of the year”.

Read/vote here: http://www.sr.se/cgi-bin/p3/p3guld/

American release of ‘Rock & Roll Is Dead’ set for Jan. 24 (2005-12-06)
"Rock & Roll Is Dead" will be released in America on Liquor and Poker Music on Jan. 24 with two bonus tracks ("Positively So Naive" and "It Might Mean Something To You") and two bonus videos ("Everything's On T.V." and "I'm In The Band"),

More info at www.liquorandpokermusic.com

Italy (2005-11-26)
One of the Italian shows has been moved. Originally we were supposed to play in Bologna on Dec 10 but now the show has been moved to Bronson Club in Ravenna. So now you know. See you there!

More shows (2005-10-21)
The Tour-section has been updated with 11 added shows in Finland and Italy. The "pizza-picture-disc" of I´m In The Band has been delayed because of some problem at the pressing plant. The last thing I heard was that it is on it´s way now finally. The 7" version of the same song is out though, as well as the split 7" with The Doits, so in the meantime check those out.

And for all of you who live in Sweden (or have Swedish Television): We´re playing live on TV-Huset on STV tomorrow, Sunday Oct 23.


The Basque King of Rock has sadly passed away. Our condolences to Marga and his family and everyone who knew this great man. Thanks for everything Kike!


I´m In The Band (2005-09-15)
Universal will release I´m In The Band as the second single from Rock & Roll Is Dead on Sept 28. The vinyl 7" and a 12" picturedisc is being released by Wild Kingdom Records on the same day. The video will be up here on the site soon.

Thanks! (2005-08-28)
Thanks to all for a great summer! Now we have a couple of weeks off before the European Tour starts, which has been updated with a few Scandinavian shows, check it out under The Shows. Special Guests on the whole tour will be The Doits so do yourself a favor and check them out at www.thedoits.tk. There´s also gonna be more Scandinavian dates in October/November and we´ll put them up as soon as they´re confirmed.

I´m In The Band will be the second single and video from Rock & Roll Is Dead. I don´t know the exact release-date yet but it will be announced here as soon as we know. The b-side is called "Positively So Naive" and it will be out on Universal as a 2 track CD-single with the video included as well. The vinylversion, put out by Wild Kingdom Records, will be a limited edition 12" picture disc. Wild Kingdom will also soon put out a The Hellacopters/The Doits split 7" on which we do Alice Cooper´s "Eighteen".

Robert Eriksson

New time in Karlskrona (2005-08-12)
Where The Action Is in Karlskrona has been changed. It is now being held at Kino and we´ve swithed slot with The Ark since we need to get to the airport in time for Budapest/Hungary. Our new time is 17.00.

Nyköping (2007-11-01)
We´ve added one more gig in Sweden: Nyköping, Lotsen on Aug 11.


For your information here are The Hellacopters showtimes for the WHERE THE ACTION IS events.

GÖTEBORG (03/08): 17:30
MALMÖ (05/08): 18:30
LINKÖPING (12/08): 18:30
KARLSKRONA (13/08) 17:00
STOCKHOLM (27/08) 18:30

Vi ses/see ya!

p.s. We've been told that THE STORE should be up and running next week.

Touring (2005-07-28)
The European Tour is now up under The Shows. 5 or 6 shows will be added soon. Plus more touring in Oct/Nov/Dec.

Updates (2005-07-11)
We´re now halfway through the summer festivals and I gotta say it´s been truly great so far, thanks to all for coming! We have now updated the homepage with pictures from our personal collections. Plus a bunch of old flyers too so check that out under THE PICS. We will also soon put up the dates for the upcoming European Tour in September/October. Have a nice summer! - Robert

We just want to set one thing straight concerning the CD cover of ROCK & ROLL IS DEAD. To cut a long story short the CD that's been available so far has the WRONG cover. It's been printed on the WRONG kind of paper. In this case the glossy kind instead of the intended matt kind that is crucial for the colors to be right. For those of you who have seen or bought the vinyl version will know what we mean. We'll spare you the details but what it basically means is that any day now the CD will be available with the RIGHT cover and that those who already bought it are the lucky/unlucky (depending on how you look at it) owners of an ugly but quite possibly rare version of ROCK & ROLL IS DEAD. We are sorry about this folks.

We are also sorry to keep you waiting in line for THE STORE to open. We talked to the "landlords" today and it looks like we can open up quite soon.

Lyrics & Videos (2005-06-19)
The lyrics for "Rock & Roll is Dead" is now up as well as both versions of the video "Everything´s on TV". Check ´em out at THE MUSIC.

You can also vote for the video at:


so c´mon and do it!

ROCK & ROLL IS DEAD (2005-06-07)
Hi everybody! We just came back from Germany and our first shows in a long time. Thanks to all of you who were there, it was great to see you all again!!! This week our new album "Rock & Roll Is Dead" is released in most parts of Europe. First edition will include a 25 minute DVD, called "Poking at the Stiff", filmed at the recording session. Here´s the tracklisting:

01. Before The Fall
02. Everything's On TV
03. Monkeyboy
04. No Angel To Lay Me Away
05. Bring It On Home
06. Leave It Alone
07. Murder On My Mind
08. I'm In The Band
09. Put Out The Fire
10. I Might Come See You Tonight
11. Nothing Terribly New
12. Make It Tonight
13. Time Got No Time To Wait For Me

The first single off the record, "Everything´s On TV" is also out with bonustracks "It Might Mean Something To You" and "1995" (live in Stockholm 2002). Co-inciding with this we will be at a couple of signing sessions in Sweden:

June 8 Sound Pollution, Stockholm 18.00
June 9 Najs Prajs, Örebro 18.00

At June 8 we will also be at the TV4 Nyhetsmorgon and play a couple of songs for all you earlybirds.

Also check out the tour section for updates.


Robert Eriksson

So here it is. Finally. Being the complete digital hacks the 5 of us are it has taken time to prepare this much needed and rightfully requested web facelift. We are fully aware of this and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused some of you Respecters of the Rock. BUT we had an album to make AND we wanted this here incision to be precise.

You will find quite a few things here that are exactly the same as before (if it ain't broken etc.) as well as some new features such as our personal files (which you can access by clicking THE GROUP icon), if not yet then soon to be filled with unneedful and sometimes uncalled for nonsense. Though we seriously doubt it there may be some of you out there who would like to know about Robert Eriksson's latest Mopar car part purchases, the size of Boba's next biggest salmon trout catch, with what Kenny Håkansson substitutes bacon, why Robert Dahlqvist doesn't dig Gene as much as Paul or what Nicke Andersson's views on garden weed are. It's not very likely but the only chance to find out would be right here. That's right people, on the internet - the ultimate place for complete useless knowledge!

We can also guarantee you that things will be updated on a much more regular basis than ever before (it shouldn't be that hard really) and that THE STORE will be up and waiting for your cash VERY soon. Filled with must have 'copter paraphernalia at reasonable prices. As before you can sign THE GUESTBOOK. Here you can complain, compliment, cast stones, ask silly or serious qestions. We MIGHT answer both kinds.

As for the biggest excuse for this delay, the new album, we're happy to inform you that it's done and we're even happier that it turned out great. We worked with Chips again and spent 2 weeks recording at the famous Atlantis Studio here in Stockholm with Janne Hansson and Michael Ilbert engineering. Michael then mixed it at Megaphon Studio in the very same city.

Click <a href="thepics.asp?action=misc&visa=bilder&mapp=fotoalbum/misc/Sessions for the new album&rubrik=Sessions for the new album">HERE</a> for Robert Eriksson's photos of the recording. We shot a video for the single EVERYTHING'S ON T.V. (out sometime during the end of May, we'll have to get back to you on that) directed by Amir Chamdin. Should be on YOUR t.v. screen any time now, at least if you live in Scandinavia. The album is due out in Scandinavia on june 8 and in Europe on june 6 under the name of ROCK & ROLL IS DEAD. and we can't wait for you to hear it. We hope you will dig it so we can rock together in the summer. Check out THE SHOWS for when.

So, again, sorry about the delay in getting the site together. We hope it was worth the wait and that you will enjoy all of it's brown splendour!

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